Non-snap version of LXD for Ubuntu 18?


Is there a non-snap version of LXD available for Ubuntu 18.10? Maybe installed via PPA repository?

The current snap version has caused lots of problems with the auto-update process as per my thread here: Snap refresh has caused lots of issues - LXD on Ubuntu 18.10

We need to move away from the SNAP tool as soon as possible.

No, LXD 3.0.x on Ubuntu 18.04 is the last non-snap version of LXD that we publish.

There’s nothing preventing anyone from making debs if they want, but we ourselves don’t plan to as those were extremely time consuming and only really work well for a particular version of a particular distribution.

Thanks Stephane. Can you please point me to some directions on how to make our own deb package for LXD?

You’d probably want to look at the packaging for the 3.0.x series at and then try to update that to work with more recent LXD versions.

The dependencies will need updating and you’ll need to tweak things to include libraft and libco.

while I am no great fan of snap for server apps, it’s massively better than PPAs. First it does not interfere with system libraries, breaking dependencies and possibly other applications; then it has an easy way of reverting changes if things go pear shaped, an absolutely essential feature in this brave new world of constant updates and living on the edge (even it’s stable edge).
I think you can revert too using deb packages but it can be a pain.

The problem in this specific case is that the database update excluded the possibility of doing a snap rollback, a problem not caused by snap by itself, but by the way it was done at lxd level.
The alternative was risking it or postponing the dqlite update until a way could be found to make possible a useful rollback. The choice was made and the rest is history.