Normal ssh connection over LXD port 8443

Problem: One of my machines SSHD has somehow died.

I can control all containers, so LXD is still working.

The LXD remote entry for dead SSHD machine was created like this…

lxc config set core.https_address :8443

Question: Let me know if there’s any way to open root ssh connection through port 8443 to debug the machine level SSHD problem.

If not, no problem.

I can always reboot the machine + I’d rather avoid this, if possible.


You cannot SSH to the LXD API socket.

Can you SSH to one of your containers, as you may be able to check if you can get from a container to the host (perhaps it is a networking/firewall issue rather than SSH dying, and if so you may be able to get in that way).

I run all my containers unprivileged, so no way to escape to machine.

I meant maybe you can ssh from a container, although this would only work if sshd is running.