Not posible to push a file to incus

I running a windows11 as incus (on ubuntu)
I TRY to share folder as in incus dokument

incus config device add min11 SHARED disk source=/home/“my_user”/SHARED path=SHARED
Device SHARED added to min11
incus config device show min11
path: SHARED
source: /home/“myuser”/SHARED
type: disk

not possible from windows to see that shared folder.

It worked last time I tried it here.

Have you made sure you have the latest set of virtio drivers all installed, that all but two devices in your Device Manager are functional (it’s normal for two of them to not have Windows drivers)?

And then that you have the virtiofs service running with Winfsp installed and running on the system too?

Have you tried the Bonus Material #4 from the post?

Thanks. It was that. i install VirtIO-FS and working fine.