Not receiving activation mail (microsoft / outlook mail address)

Just a little information for the @admins.

I just tried to register using my microsoft hosted mail address but never received the activation mail. I even added the domain to the junk whitelist, with no success.

Using my protonmail I got it after a few minutes.

Any thoughts @stgraber ?

Found the failure, it appears to be an issue with Microsoft’s filter on
I’ve opened a ticket with them.


Thanks a lot. Sadly this happens on so many different sites, even big companies.
Which made me wanting to switch to a more secure and privacy friendly mail provider anyways, maybe it is about time now.

Microsoft responded saying that our addresses aren’t in any of their lists of spammers and I also had us registered with them to get a report on all reported spams, though that’s similarly empty.

So I’m pretty confused as to why their e-mail servers are dropping some of our e-mails with an error telling us we’re on a block list, then when asking to be removed from said block list, we’re told we’re not on it…

:man_facepalming: Just reading this makes me angry. Luckily any other crypto, viagra, … spam is sometimes even going straight to my inbox.

Don’t spend to much time on that, I will just use my other mail address. Thanks for the effort though!