Notes for containers


One for the wish list. I’d love to have a column where I can store notes about containers. In my case I’d like to store a url to a link on our wiki for reference. I think it’s a small change that could be hugely beneficial.

Take a look at

Thanks, those look like good solutions. A single standard column would still be useful because 3rd party tools would implement it. For now though, this will do. Thanks.

Worth pointing out this idea was already rejected (a few years ago now);

If your problem is 3rd party tools, you either write one (and so it doesn’t matter) or you just need to appeal to your preferred creator to support your particular user.KEY

Inspired by this, im going to support getting & setting comments based on the key user.comment


This still works,

$ lxc config set local:win user.comment "My Windows VM"
$ lxc list -c n,user.comment
|       NAME        |  USER COMMENT   |
| win               | My Windows VM   |

The question is about supporting arbitrary fields in user.* (only the old style of setting the configuration can do the above), as comments are not to be first class citizens in the configuration.