Odd lxd-p2c /sbin/init not firing question

Every system I’ve cloned using lxd-p2c has come across (all file) 100% correct, every time.

One problem.

On old systems, like Ubuntu Trusty, /sbin/init never seems to run.

Executing runlevel shows the dreaded “unknown”.

Shelling into the container, then running init 2 seems to always work, meaning all services come up as expected.

My question.

If anyone knows the root cause of this problem + how to arrange for /sbin/init to run, to take machine out of single user mode into multiuser mode, let me know.


There may be some odd upstart setup causing boot issues. Is there anything relevant showing up in lxc console NAME --show-log?

If not, maybe go through /var/log/ in the container and see if there’s any indication of some kind of failed upstart jobs that could cause the rest to wait.

Console seems quiet…

net14 # lxc console net14-hivelocity --show-log

Console log:

net14 # 

/var/log seems quiet also, there’s no indication upstart was even attempted at boot time, so no indication an /sbin/init invocation was ever attempted.

The usual suspect with upstart is mountall getting stuck on some mounts. You may want to manually run it to see if it complains about something. If it does, you’ll need to fix /etc/fstab