OpenVPN on LXD 2.0

I tried to setup a OpenVPN Server on a LXD alpine-linux container.
So as i understand it correctly the tun/tap device is provided by LXD. But the OpenVPN server have problems to access the device:

TUN/TAP device tap0 opened
Note: Cannot set tx queue length on tap0: Operation not permitted (errno=1)

How can I fix this?

Do you get any other errors?
Reading this post at it says

Fri Sep 26 17:48:12 2014 TUN/TAP device tun0 opened
Fri Sep 26 17:48:12 2014 Note: Cannot set tx queue length on tun0: Operation not permitted (errno=1)
Fri Sep 26 17:48:12 2014 do_ifconfig, tt->ipv6=1, tt->did_ifconfig_ipv6_setup=1
Fri Sep 26 17:48:12 2014 /sbin/ip link set dev tun0 up mtu 1500

but it then manages to continue.

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The VPN runs on tap mode. When I start the client following error appears:

ERROR: Cannot ioctl TUNSETIFF tap: Operation not permitted (errno=1)
Exiting due to fatal error

It looks that you are missing some Linux capability, CAP_NET_ADMIN.
Try to pass it to the container according to

Thanks for your help.

Finally it was a client side problem…


Write a few words about what you did in order to help any future visitor that come here.

As simos wrote… :slight_smile: It would be nice with some hints

I run a wrong chown command, so the file rights of the client was wrong.

This is not very descriptive - what properties/where? Did you end up using anything like:
lxc config set container-name raw.lxc=lxc.cap.drop=some-cap

I don’t think installing openvpn in a container represents any specific issues. I set up the openvpn container using macvlan, so it get’s its IP address from the router. I have arranged for the router to forward openvpn’s required ports to the openvpn server, and once connected, I can then interact directly with all internal devices (except the lxd host). I installed using the openvpn-access-server (, and it worked ‘out of the box’, but If you install openvpn by hand, it should work the same way.


A couple replies to you asked if you could write up how you finally configured everything to work.

Did you get around to it? If so did you post it somewhere?