[Overview] LXD Features for Virtual Machines


Note: This post is supposed to collect information on the features of LXD for virtual machines.
It is work in progress.

Support for Virtual machines is a relatively new feature to LXD (see Running virtual machines with LXD 4.0 for initial information).
For now VM-Support is not feature-complete and more features will be added in the coming weeks and months.
The newest informations on recently added features can be found in the Release notes.

Feature List:
1. CLI:
You can use the usual lxc commands, including:
and more

2. Configuration options:
Look out for the tags VM, vm or virtual machines in the Documentation about Instances, to see which configuration options are supported for VMs.

3. GUI/Graphics Console in VMs:
Supported via both a virtio-gpu device and Spice, available in all LXD VMs (since 4.4).
For instructions see:
[Howto] GUI in virtual machines

4. Windows VMs:
Take a look at Running virtual machines with LXD 4.0 (search for Running Windows).

5. Special Features:

  • LXD-agent (provides functionality, for example for interaction with lxc (LXD client) and more; included in cloud variants of the official images)
  • Official Images of common Linux distributions, see: Getting Started Guide - Images
  • Apparmor for Qemu (since 4.6)
  • Instance API (since 4.4)

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