Ovn network slow

I am trying to use ovn but I am running into a performance issue.

I have downloaded the speedtest-cli and on the host I am getting 50M up and down
when using lxdfan I am also getting 50M up and down
when using ovn I am getting 6M Down and 6M Up.

I am not even sure where to start troubleshooting this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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What is your network layout?

Please show lxc network show <uplink network> and lxc network show <ovn network>

lxc network show UPLINK
  ipv4.gateway: 64.X.X.65/28
  ipv4.ovn.ranges: 64.X.X.69-64.X.X.69
  ipv4.routes: 64.X.X.64/28
  volatile.last_state.created: "false"
description: ""
name: UPLINK
type: physical
- /1.0/networks/ovn0
managed: true
status: Created
- lxd1
- lxd2
- lxd3
lxc network show ovn0
  bridge.mtu: "1442"
  dns.domain: foo.net
  ipv4.nat: "true"
  ipv6.address: fd42:9ce4:b0ee:e3ff::1/64
  ipv6.nat: "true"
  network: UPLINK
  volatile.network.ipv4.address: 64.X.X.69
description: ""
name: ovn0
type: ovn
- /1.0/instances/c2
- /1.0/instances/c3
managed: true
status: Created
- lxd1
- lxd2
- lxd3
lxc network info UPLINK
Error: Network interface "UPLINK" not found
username@lxd1:~$ lxc network status UPLINK
Error: unknown command "status" for "lxc network"
username@lxd1:~$ lxc network info ovn0
Name: ovn0
MAC address: 00:aa:3e:bb:74:d2
MTU: 1442
State: up
Type: broadcast

IP addresses:
  inet (link)
  inet6	fd42:9ce4:b0ee:e3ff::1/64 (link)

Network usage:
  Bytes received: 0B
  Bytes sent: 0B
  Packets received: 0
  Packets sent: 0

  Chassis: lxd1

speeds are near native if the container is on the host with the chassis

speeds drop by half if the container runs on any of the other hosts.

I tested the same container by stopping and moving it between each of the hosts and testing the speeds

I installed speedtest-cli and iperf
I just issued the command speedtest to test the speeds.

iperf is showing slow traffic between containers.

And you’ve confirmed the speeds between the cluster members is fast outside of OVN?

yes. there is a 10G internode link that is giving 10Gb speeds.

What does ip a on each host show?

We can close this. I used different test tools and it seems to have resolved itself.

I am not sure i understand why i was getting different results with the speedtest tool. But the netflix fast tool is showing proper speeds. Something else might be going on but at the moment i cannot reproduce my earlier results.

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