Pam login in lxd

is it possible to use linux pam login to login in lxd?

You can run lxc exec NAME -- login or use the built-in lxc shell alias which attempts to do that for you.

Yes i know.
normally i say lxc exec container_name bash
But i have a customer they implement pam login in linux env. and want to user login to lxd containers via pam login. Right now if i want to connect to oracle in some host, i say (in mobaxterm)
“username”@oracle@“hostname” then user is login to oracle_home without has any account in host(there is only oracle has account in server).

lxc exec NAME -- su -l is basically what our lxc shell alias does.
Going through su -l rather than running bash will cause the PAM stack to be used and will call the user’s default shell.