Passing Host Theme/DE/GUI Style to LXD container


I run Ubuntu 20.04 with KDE as my host. My LXD containers run Ubuntu 20.04. This is fine, however I run one container with X11 software (See this excellent article: Running X11 software in LXD containers – Mi blog lah! ). This container houses my web browsers. Again, it works perfectly except that the the theme that is used for that container is Gnome derived. So, basically, when I used the browser that is housed in the container, the window looks different, the mouse looks different, etc.

I know it may seem nitpicky but I thought I’d ask. Is there a way to pass host DE/Them/look/etc to the container running X11 software in order to achieve a more unified look? Thank you!

Hmm, I’m not sure how that part works, I suspect you’ll need to make sure whatever theme you’re using is present in the container, then you may need to either pass in some configuration from your home directory into the container, or if you’re lucky there may be an environment variable to tell GTK what theme to use.