Passing USB cameras to an incus container


Im trying to play around with motioneye os on an incus container.
I want to pass two usb cameras to the software but they are not showing up on the web interface of motioneye os as cameras that are available to be added ie A local V4L2 camera .

Im running incus version 6.0.0 with the latest release motioneyeos on ubuntu 22.04
I used the following commands to add the cameras to the motioneye container

incus config device add motioneye usbCam1 usb vendorid=0bda productid=0511
incus config device add motioneye usbCam2 usb vendorid=1871 productid=0142

I then restarted motioneye container.

Are there any futher steps I should take to make these usb cameras available to my motioneye os container?

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Cameras usually aren’t raw usb (libusb) devices, instead they are /dev/videoX devices.

If the two webcams are /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 then you’d want to pass those through as unix-char instead.

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Thank you @stgraber , that worked a treat.