Planning upgrade to Ver 4.0

My production cluster is running 3.22. I am looking at skipping 3.23 and upgrading straight to 4.01 when it comes out.

So my questions are:
Should I wait for 4.0 or SHOULD upgrading to 3.23 be a necessary step to jump to 4.0.
Are there any database changes coming in 4.
During upgrade process what happens if I upgrade all my servers and then they don’t want to work after reboot. Is there a way to upgrade 2 out of 4 and then 3 and 4.
Yes, I will probably wait til 4.01 before upgrading rather than 4.0

So looking to have upgrade plan. Your genius input appreciated.

Clusters must be consistent so a partial upgrade isn’t an option.

You can skip 3.23 if you want, LXD contains the migration logic for all previous releases so you can upgrade from 0.1 to 3.23 and the database will upgrade. We actually daily test upgrading from 2.0 to current release.

The intent is for 4.0 to be almost identical to 3.23 with the exception of a few backward compatibility breaking changes to the CLI that we were waiting on a major version bump to do.

We don’t have any actual features targeted for 4.0 though and intend to release it on Thursday or Friday this week.