Plans for Centos Desktop VM

I know we can currently do a
lxc launch images:{ubuntu|archlinux|opensuse}/{arch}/desktop ...
and get a really nice and quick desktop environment.

But are there any plans to add a Centos version with a desktop?


No real reason we couldn’t build one, but those images are very costly to build, primarily in build time and artifact size, that’s why we’ve got pretty few of those spread across a few distros.

Would that be CentOS 9-stream desktop? What’s the use case for this? Is it a common desktop platform?

CentOS 9-stream would be just fine. The reason comes from a discussion with other devs in the team. I was showing them how easy it was to stand up an Ubuntu desktop with lxc. A couple of them were mentioning how CentOS would be nice to use. Since they would normally use VBox to standup an instance. Well it’s just a thought and would be really nice to have. But I do understand weighing the cost of it.