Please remind me how I can get non proxied internet access on 2 containers I setup as server/client proxying

I made these two to act as a transparent proxying interface to intercept and analyze webtraffic.

I did this over a year ago and hadn’t used them in ages so I forgot how I set things up exactly and now I need to update both systems but I am unable to figure out how to get internet access in a non proxied manner on either machines so as to update them before switching back to the proxying setup.

Here and here are my previous threads on the subject.

The setup is the same as when I made them back then and they still work for the intended purpose however I don’t know how I dismantle the internal network/proxying only setup and set both containers to normal internet facing containers so I can update them before switching back?

I guess it is just some ip route stuff I need to do but I am not sure what setting I need to input or how to go about finding them? The server/proxy container I thought would just be related to iptables but when I turn off iptables there is still no internet connection.

If I try to wget a page for instance it just times out. So what should I change or rather I know you can’t say exactly since I haven’t given precise details rather I am asking what area should I look to for a solution?

I am however able to ssh into both of the containers fine so there must be a working internet out interface on both right? I just don’t know how to make the main web traffic face to that interface for each. There are two interfaces on each container. The internal interface which connects them both together and they both have an external interface. So the non-server has the second for shh access and web traffic is normally routed through to the server container and for the server container the second interface is also used for ssh and to route traffic from the non server out to the internet.

The other container which had all traffic routed through the default gateway also doesn’t have connection (naturally) unless the proxy container is up and mitmproxy is listening on 8080 port. So how do I get both to work as a normal internet interface to do the updates before switching back?

I really struggle when it comes to networking related issues the problem being I don’t know how to debug them to diagnose the issues.