Podman Container inside Incus Container - cgroup controller `pids` is not available


I am trying to run Podman Containers inside an Incus Container. All I get is the error Error: OCI runtime error: crun: the requested cgroup controller pids is not available

Incus Host: openSUSE Tumbleweed - Incus running via Incus-docker in Podman Quadlet
Incus Container running Podman: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Podman: 5.0.3 - Container started via quadlet (sytemd .container file)
Go: 1.21.10

  • Do I have to pass some PodmanArgs to the Podman Container? I tried cgroups=disabled already. Then the container starts up but does not work properly.
  • Do I have to give some special permissions or Raw Lxc to the Incus Container?
  • I have AppArmor running. Does it have to do with that maybe and how can I configure it to run properly?

For the Incus Container I have “Nesting” set to “true”. It does neither work in unprivileged nor in privilged mode…

Help is very much appreciated.


You could try what I did the last time the topic came up.

I am away from my laptop at the moment.

Why not run a VM instead? I get a container is lighter on resources, but in this case it seems having greater isolation from the host and a seperate kernal may make sense.

I have been looking into running podman as well and have been playing around with docker as well. I posted a recent issue with docker in a container as a lot of folks run that way.

I am interested in your thoughts on podman and the best way to run in incus. Thanks

I am