Port Forwarding for WebRTC container

Anyone can help with setting up a WebRTC service in a container?

I’m having issues when doing this and from some research I can understand that WebRTC works on dynamic ports.

Anyone managed to do so and can provide some help?
I’m trying to host this project in a container: GitHub - deepch/RTSPtoWeb: RTSP Stream to WebBrowser

Which ports do you need?

Hi Tomp, this is the thing, I’m not sure which. I am aware that WebRTC uses a number of ports and for some are dynamic. It is not clear to me which ports/port range are used for a WebRTC service, even after a google search - I find different results and I never managed to get the right combination.

I’m writing here, maybe someone managed to containerize a WebRTC service and is willing to give some tips or guide how it is done.