Problem when installing lxd alongside maas

I got a raspberry pi 4 running armbian 22.05(jammy) system. I installed MAAS on my system first (snap install maas) and configured it. I can open webui as well. But later when I tried to init lxd (installed through snap, init with --minimal flag) I got this:
└─(21:31:12)──> sudo lxd init --minimal ↵ Error: Failed to create local member network "lxdbr0" in project "default": The DNS and DHCP service exited prematurely: Process exited with non-zero value 2 ("dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket for Address already in use")

However, in my previous Ubuntu core 22 I installed lxd first and called sudo lxd init --minimal. That time I didn’t got any errors. (maas wasn’t installed at that moment)

I want to know whether I did something wrong.

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I can’t post in topic LXD?

I can’t post in topic LXD?

Since LXD is no longer under the Linux Containers project, it was stated here:

When it comes to this forum, the LXD section will be reconfigured to not allow new topics.
Existing topics will remain active and replies can be posted inside of them. New topics related to LXD posted to other sections of the forum will be redirected to the Ubuntu Discourse instead.

The context behind all of this is on the same link above.