Proposed Additions and Changes for Getting Started

(This is related to [Request] Add more info about images into Getting Started , but more generic)

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Before I start writing a pull request for the getting started page,
I want to ask you, what you would like to see included or changed and what not, so here is a list of my ideas and questions:

  1. General questions regarding “rules” for editing:
  • can I include links to official external documentation (e.g. like cloud-init)?

  • I guess everything should be as short as possible?

  1. My ideas:
    I would add more info about:
  1. Regarding the layout of the document, I would like to:

Seperate but related Idea:
Create an additional “Advanced Guide” that we could link to in “Getting started”, that could include topics like:

  • networks
  • storage pools
  • devices
  • cloud-init
  • Cluster

I’d like to learn more about container networking.

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