Proxmox NFS from VM to LXC CT

Hey everyone,

I try to pass a NFS share from my TrueNAS vm to my LXC Container, where I want to Install Jellyfin.
The Host System is Proxmox.

I already have another VM where I can succesfully mount the NFS, so that should work in general.

I set the LXC to priviliged and Enabled Nesting and NFS.

Inside the Container I installed nfs-common.

I’m trying for 2 Days now, followed numerous tutorials, tried to applie a special apparmor config as suggested here in another Forum but nothing seems to work.
I can mount the Storage but I always get a Permission denied error. No matter what I do.
This is what i do on the LXC:

root@Jellyfin:~# mkdir /tmp/TrueNAS                                             
root@Jellyfin:~# mount -t nfs /tmp/TrueNAS/
root@Jellyfin:~# systemctl daemon-reload
root@Jellyfin:~# cd /tmp/TrueNAS/
root@Jellyfin:/tmp/TrueNAS# ls
ls: cannot open directory '.': Permission denied

Hopefully you have an Idea how to solve this.