Proxying LXC Console (VGA)

Is it possible to proxy the VGA console window? Proxy in the sense, of using Nginx proxying?

I’m aware that executing the console with type equal to VGA opens a window that shows the boot logs of a VM. In anyway could this be shown in a web browser?

LXDMosaic does it VIA node.

I think one of the other dashboards does it VIA nginx.

Will look at the code, not sure if it makes any sense to me :smile:

Any idea how to do that without using LXDMosaic? The reason is we’re providing servers to customers and we want to make the VGA console available for them to view the boot logs, followed by the command prompt.

Yes, you can proxy the VGA console. It relies on Websockets and I found it easiest to do this type of proxying in HAProxy rather than Nginx. But it might still be possible in Nginx.

To get it into a browser, you can use Spice.

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Okay. Thanks.