Puppet Bolt and LXD lab

Puppet bolt is an agentless task runner/configuration tool. It is similar to Ansible, but is nicer to use for most things, imo.

Now that Puppet Bolt has basic support for LXD containers (see Puppet Bolt LXD transport (WIP)), I would like to share a small lab environment I have created.

Install a recent bolt with these instructions https://puppet.com/docs/bolt/latest/bolt_installing.html

Then checkout my repo here:

The README and existing files will get you started.

Note: my fan network is broken! I am trying to keep the cluster install automated, but my containers still aren’t routing to each other. If someone with experience can try this out, or look at my yaml preseed files, that would be helpful.

I figured out the fan network. The automatically detected underlay network was wrong. I need to use, the private network I specify with Vagrant.

It would be cool to try OVN, too, but I don’t have any experience with that.