PyLXD How to Create contaienrs from exported images/backups?

I am trying to create a LXD Container , creating images are fine using this config →

conf =  {
            "name": "magento",
            "source": {
                "type": "image",
                "alias": "magento",
            "profiles": ["default","macvlan"]
 container = client.containers.create(cont_conf,wait=True)

it works fine.
But if i want to load the container from file and create it , how should i do

thanks for the edit @stgraber , can i have any pointers?
API seems to be missing a lot of features : export is there , but there is no way to import via pylxd api.

I added the pylxd tag so that hopefully the folks working on this binding will see this post and respond.

Pylxd is currently primarily developed and maintained by the MAAS team with help from community members.

The core LXD team doesn’t have a lot of Python experience to help with it.