Query Regarding VM, Qcow2 and Snapshots in Incus

I have few basic queries(Apologies in advance):

  1. Please confirm when running VM using incus(which itself uses QEMU) and using LVM Storage Driver would place Qcow2 on lvm and use Qcow2 as hard disk ? Or LVM partition shall be directly visible inside VM for Both Data and OS ( In normal KVM environment when creating VM we can directly attach the guest hard disk partition .

  2. If it uses Qcow2 as hard disk for the VM , then would snapshot be based on LVM Snapshot.

  3. If it uses LVM Snapshot then what shall be the way for Qcow2 based Snapshot as snapshotting in LVM thick is not not feasible especially in the case of new lvmcluster driver in incus which doesn’t permit Thin provisioning.

We don’t use qcow2, we only use raw disk/partition.

It doesn’t, so snapshots are of the LVM LV directly.

Snapshotting of thick LVM volumes is possible, just not space efficient.