Question about /etc/lxc not generate with snap install lxd debian11

Hi i have one question about /etc/lxc. When i use snap install lxd, /etc/lxd/configfile are not generate. When i add apt-get install lxc, /etc/lxd/configfile are generate. what do I have to do ?
I need this one to create unprivileged container

LXC and LXD are two different things. When you apt-get install lxc you get the C tools to manage liblxc, those come as lxc-XYZ binaries and use configuration as text files in /etc/lxc/ and the like.

LXD is a different beast, it’s a daemon with a database, it doesn’t store any config in /etc and has a single command line tool (confusingly) named just lxc.

The pinned topic at the top of this forum may help too: Comparing LXD vs. LXC

Ok thanks for this new. I need to add lxc with apt-get install to use unpriviliged containers, namespace, etc