Question about mounting lv in an lvm storage pool

I am trying to mount an lvm based volume:

mother@infra2:~$ lxc storage volume create local-lvm backups size=25GiB
Storage volume backups created
mother@infra2:~$ sudo lvdisplay | grep backups
  LV Path                /dev/storage2-vg/custom_default_backups
  LV Name                custom_default_backups
  LV Path                /dev/lxcstore-vg/custom_default_backups
  LV Name                custom_default_backups
mother@infra2:~$ sudo mount /dev/lxcstore-vg/custom_default_backups /backups
mount: /backups: special device /dev/lxcstore-vg/custom_default_backups does not exist.

SImilar command works on another lxd host where there is no clustering, what did I do wrong?

Please can you show “sudo lvs” output?

I suspect you need to activate the volume before it appears aa a device.

mother@infra2:~$ sudo -i
root@infra2:~# lxc storage volume create remote-lvm recovery size=50GiB
Storage volume recovery created
root@infra2:~# sudo lvs | grep recovery
  custom_default_recovery                                                             storage2-vg Vwi---tz-k   50.00g lvm-pool                                                                                  
root@infra2:~# sudo lvs | grep recovery -A 20
  custom_default_recovery                                                             storage2-vg Vwi---tz-k   50.00g lvm-pool                                                                                  
  images_1c15b72dcd63d3a91b6a198a052de015e5d5ea09be7d17f237155904c4e7b8d0             storage2-vg Vwi---tz-k   10.00g lvm-pool                                                                                  
  images_21e6855cea66108ce49354f7efa012c1d94c7ff11adc7c31cfd4f23bb367b51c             storage2-vg Vwi---tz-k   10.00g lvm-pool                                                                                  
  images_48fba1296bd536c098c69fbbc72ed7d27eb5d0f259b16d0f17f390e8beeda06d             storage2-vg Vwi---tz-k  100.00m lvm-pool                                                                                  
  images_48fba1296bd536c098c69fbbc72ed7d27eb5d0f259b16d0f17f390e8beeda06d.block       storage2-vg Vwi---tz-k   10.00g lvm-pool

@tomp do you mean any particular command?

Ithink I should add the fact that I am running on a 3 member cluster, in the documentation I see

To add a custom storage volume on a cluster member, add the --target flag:

lxc storage volume create <pool_name> <volume_name> --target=<cluster_member> [configuration_options...]
root@infra2:~# lvdisplay  /dev/storage2-vg/custom_default_recovery
  --- Logical volume ---
  LV Path                /dev/storage2-vg/custom_default_recovery
  LV Name                custom_default_recovery
  VG Name                storage2-vg
  LV UUID                LscXd6-VI1N-1fIO-f9i7-Qg8s-Vi32-Ba8GIv
  LV Write Access        read/write
  LV Creation host, time infra2, 2023-02-08 16:06:48 +0000
  LV Pool name           lvm-pool
  LV Status              NOT available
  LV Size                50.00 GiB
  Current LE             12800
  Segments               1
  Allocation             inherit
  Read ahead sectors     auto

So LXD only activates the logical volumes when it needs to mount the volume, this is so we don’t keep unnecessary devices active in the system.

You can manually activate using:

sudo lvchange --activate y --ignoreactivationskip /dev/storage2-vg/custom_default_recovery

And then when you’re done, after unmounting, do

sudo lvchange --activate n --ignoreactivationskip /dev/storage2-vg/custom_default_recovery

Seems I was missing --ignoreactivationskip, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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