Re: ubuntu's quest for information


Just read an article in ‘The Register’ where pretty soon now ubunut is expecting users to offer up their system configuration(s) and usage.

As the use of lxd on snap requires the installation of something termed ‘core’ ubuntu - - - is this also going to be included in this ‘system’?

If so - - - will there be a way to expunge all hooks from mother ship into my system(s)?

Inquiring mind (here at least) wants to know.

When installing the lxd snap, the appropriate core snap is installed by snapd.

Ubuntu releases that ship with snaps preinstalled will ship with a preinstalled core snap, others will not.

That core snap includes a minimal read-only copy of Ubuntu which all snap use as their root filesystem, it doesn’t include any running daemon, it’s literally just a bundled bunch of files that are needed by the snaps.