Receiving DHCP offers from physical network instead of local dnsmasq instance

I have two bridges (br0,br1) setup on a physical host with single interfaces in each. When I am creating new containers, there’s a DHCP lease being received from a local dnsmasq instance running with the container. Is there a way to globally disable dnsmasq being created and/or launched with containers? In this scenario I need the DHCP on the physical network to function

Thanks in advance

Do you mean the containers are connected to the default LXD bridge, lxdbr0 ?

In that case you can do this

lxc config device override <container_name> eth0 parent=<br0 or br1>

or simply change it in whatever profile you’re using, for example if you’re using the default profile:

lxc profile device set default eth0 parent=<br0 or br1>

bare in mind this will apply to all containers/vm(s) using this profile

Is this LXC or LXD?

There is no lxdbr0. When I ran lxd init I chose to use an existing bridge. The two bridges on the server are br0 and br1 and they’re each tied to their own physical interface.

I ran lxd init to setup the server and lxc to create the instances

Please show lxc config show <instance> --expanded and lxc network list.