Recommended way to handle local/remote GUI apps

I’m interested in having a container for a gui app that can migrate between machines. I’d like to be able to run this container on my underpowered machine locally, but when I’m on my home network I’d like to graphically access an instance of this container that runs on a powerful desktop machine.

Right now I can enable graphics accelerated apps by following the directions used in tutorials such as this one:

I can use ssh + x forwarding as an option for remote but do not yet have the networking config to make all that work.

Has anyone tackled this issue yet and come up with a good solution? Has anyone considered looking into if lxc exec could forward X in the same way ssh can?

An option would be to look into x2go,
You can set up a graphical session and can access it from multiple computers.

For hardware-accelerated graphics, both the client and the server (for X11) should be local on the same computer.
There is a chance though that it could work over a very fast network. Have a look at SSH and the functionality to forward Unix sockets with the -L option.