Recovering a LXD/LXC installation

I have 2 Pi’s who are running LXD. One inside my house and one in the garage. The one in the house ran 4 containers and the one in the garage was used as a backup with an identical lxd setup. I copied the containers from the house to the garage.
Now my house PI’s SD card gave out so I had to reinstall the OS and lxd.
The Pool was on a external disk with an LVM partition. So I just recovered the pool and now the containers are again available in the house PI’s LXC list.

But they do not run all that well. When they run I have to manually start the dhclient in order for them to get an IP. Their webservers are not responding to requests and I cannot shut them down from within the container because: “Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory” & “Failed to talk to init daemon”. I can’t shut them down with the lxc stop command either, I have to force them.

When I run the backups of my containers that are on the PI in the garage, they start and function without any problems. When I copy the backups back to my house PI they have the same problems as the containers that are in the recovered pool.

I’m very noob in all this. I was just very happy to have it all running before. My backps are several months old so I would prefer to be able to start the original containers in the recovered pool.
How can I troubleshoot this?