Recovery from old server

Hello, i need help to recover my container. Currently my old server can no longer boot to the ubuntu server. So this is what I’m currently doing

  1. I created a new server, with the same version of ubuntu server (18.04) and also running the same LXD (LXD 3.0.3)
  2. I mounted the hard drive from the old server to the new server, and I can see all the files are still there
  3. On the old server, I have several instances, but here I want to focus on one with the name “spada”
  4. On the new server I have created an instance with the same name, namely spada

My question is, how can I move the spada instance on the old server to the new server? because it is no longer possible for me to do the lxd export command.

Thank’s for your help

If you can still get access to the server, you can re-install (purge and install) lxd, however, ensure you have a backup of the old server in place, once you have reinstalled lxd, then you can try using the lxd export command.

If that doesn’t work, post the error the lxd export command is reporting, as a last resort, you can copy your lxd content from /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/or /var/lib/lxd/ if you are not using snap to the new server, install lxd and see if that works.

From our E-mail thread, you said the instances were on ZFS.

So does your old hard drive contain both the ZFS pool (where the containers are) and the /var/lib/lxd dir?

Hello, thank’s for your reply, but i can’t access to my old server anymore. So my best option rightnow is to copy my old hdd to new server.

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Hello @tomp , do you have any idea what i have todo ?

Hello Tom,
yes, both my server contain ZFS pool

This is my old server, i mount old hardisk to /mnt/sdb

And this is my new server

what should I do to be able to move data from the lxd on the old hard drive to the new lxd ?