Regenerate LXC remote certificate fingerprint

We are running LXC/LXD v2.20 and have built a baseline VM we use as our container template master. Whenever we need a new LXD compute, we simply clone this VM, change IPs/hostnames, and reboot. All good.

However, it seems all the cloned copies of the master template have the same certificate fingerprint (as in: lxc remote add <cloned_vm1> <new_IP>).

How can I regenerate the certificate fingerprint on the cloned copies? I re-ran “lxd init” and said “yes” when prompted for “Would you like LXD to be available over the network”.

Does having the same fingerprint cause issues later on?

Just remove server.crt and server.key from the LXD directory and restart the service, a new one will be generated.

Perfect! Thanks @stgraber