Reinstalled my Ubuntu 22.04 host - used lxd-init to define storage as a btrfs block device using an existing 2TB NVME SSD

After LXD init my 2TB NVME SSE was identified as “default” LXD storage

I then used grsync to copy my old system’s LXD storage “default” files/directories to the new LXD init’d “default” storage … NVME 2TB SSD

As root I can see all the LXD Containers and VMs images etc on the NVME 2TB SSD.

Rebooted but…

$ lxc ls

Lists nothing. No LXD containers or VMs.

$ lxc storage list

Does show the correct NVME disk as "default “storage”

Is there some step I left out here?

Thanks for any quidance…


Hi @bmullan

Try this command “lxd recover”

Hope that helps

I had just become aware of that command. Unfortunately in my case 1 of the containers or vm had its original .ISO directory removed so the LXD recover stopped at that point.

Its okay. I can always recreate everything again.

Thanks tho’

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