Reload iptables rules from lxd without a complete restart of lxd service?


I have a personal service to manage my iptables rules and when I restart iptables service I lose all rules from lxd.
So I need to restart lxd service to reload their iptables rules.

Is there a way to “reload” a specific lxd service to reload iptables rules from lxd without a complete restart of lxd snap service with a shutdown of containers ?

Thank you for any help ;o)

systemctl reload snap.lxd.daemon will reload just the LXD API without affecting running instances.

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Finally it was a stupid question :o(
On manjaro lxd installed without snap, I can restart the exiting iptables service and apparently lxd.service reloading are not implemented.

On ubuntu and lxd installed with snap, I can use your solution but I can restart the non existing iptables service ;o)


If you modify the network in question (I think just editing the description) will trigger a reload that will reapply the firewall rules.

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In my case lxd v4.16 without snap installation, it does not works when modifying the field “description”
The trigger works fine when changing the IP range: “ipv4.dhcp.ranges” for example

this is good behavior ;o)

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Ah good stuff.