Remote copy over WAN failed - problem 0 - Any consensus on likely remote over internet copy failure?

I work with a small group of hobbyists who are supporting two club organizations. We are very cheap.

Rather than cloud host, we are each running an Ubuntu LXD system for our websites (one each of drupal/mariadb/reverse-proxy containers).

I am prime for my club, another person is prime for his club.

All is well on running each of our own clubs.

We have LXD auto schedule backups running followed by a cron job to copy/sync the snapshots to a secondary local machine.

We are now trying to remote copy to each others machines for offsite backup.

On his machine, I registered my machine as a remote server and port forwarded 8443 into my network.

The remote registration worked fine.

The remote copies stared and then hung. The only difference between the working scenario and the stalling scenario is that the remote device is across the WAN.

Can the more experiences in this type of thing tell me if there are any known challenges in trying to do what I am doing?