[Request] Improvements for Forum

I would like to suggest some improvements:

  • Create pinned topics (or somethings similar that is directly visible):
  1. that links to simos guide:
    How to best ask questions on this discussion forum
  2. that is titled “Read before posting!” (or something similar), that:
    • encourages users to search the forum and the docs first, to find an answer, before posting
    • explains to users that “bug reports” and “feature requests” should be filed on github (I know this is partly already explained with a banner, but that is only visible to guests, not to logged-in users (afaik))
  3. that links to the Tutorials-category directly.
    Because it is easily overlooked.
  • Add more (sub-)categories:
    • Sub-category for VMs
    • For interesting stuff related to LXD etc. (I have no idea for a good title right now): Third-party tools etc.
    • maybe more?