Resizing device backed storage pool in btrfs and lxd


I am using LXD and spun up from KVM. For lxd configuration, I configured a device backed storage on btrfs. However, I find that I need to upgrade the storage size. I figure I can easily resize the qcow2 natively ( but wanted to check how I can resize the disk on btrfs side on LXD. Does anyone had experience cause I do not want to experiment too much on the data. Thanks in advance.

Hallo Don Viado,

please more details.

my guess is:
you have a vm with virtual diskq in cow2.
partition is formatted in btrfs
on this vm is installed an os and it is running lxd
the storage pool of lxd is btrfs type

so it could be you have to increase the size of cow2
so it could be you have to increase he size of the partition
so it could be you have to increase he size of btfs file system
so it could be you have to change quotas on btrfs

But it is not entirely clear what this has to do with LXD.

Hi, Yes. You are right. It might have not have direct relation to LXD. I managed to make it work by resizing the native BTRFS itself and its detected transparently by LXD. Thanks a lot. I had a bit of observation and will probably open up a new thread for discussion once I tested it thoroughly.