REST API Documentation for LXD

The documentation of REST API at LXD REST API 1.0 is not as good as docker API documentation at Docker Engine API

I have an intern in my company, who can help to do the documentation if someone from community can guide him. Intern has 3 months of time with him to do so.

Is anyone able to volunteer to help this intern to just point him to right directions.

We can certainly guide an answer questions. The forum is a good place for this!

We’d definitely be happy to answer any questions and give him some pointers as needed.

The main source of documentation for the rest-api is here and can easily be forked and improved:

Hi! Where is the documentation around the authentication? The rest seems quite straight forward. covers most of that.

Basically if connecting to the unix socket, anyone who can get to it is a full admin and can do whatever they want.

If accessing over https, then you need to use a TLS client certificate and add it to the LXD trust store so you get access.

I’m starting to add a swagger based documentation for our API too which you can find at

It will take some time before we have coverage of all endpoints though.


Thank you