I don’t appear to be able to install LXD via snap in my LXD instances…

[root@avmanager-shards ~]# snap install lxd
error: system does not fully support snapd: cannot mount squashfs image using “squashfs”:
mount: /tmp/sanity-mountpoint-688416304: mount failed: Operation not permitted.

Does anyone know where I can find a lxd-client package for the RHEL derivative distros?

If you just need the client, we have static builds of it available at Actions · lxc/lxd · GitHub (requires Github login).

As for the snap, the issue likely is that you’re on too old a snapd version that it’s missing its built-in copy of squashfuse. You could check for a native package of squashfuse that you could install in your container which should sort that out.

You could also try doing snap install snapd to get a newer version of snapd, but I suspect this may hit the same error.

Do ubuntu binaries run on centos?

I guess the obvious answer is to run ubuntu on the instances that need lxd-client… As that has a lxd-client package.

The client binaries should be static.

I’ll give them ago… :slight_smile: