Routed network with virtual machine

tldr; When will the routed network type be available for a virtual machine created with lxd?

I’m trying to get Gerbera (a DLNA server) to be browse-able from network clients while running inside a container (or VM) on a host connected only via wifi. The routed network type works to get containers an IP on the host network when the host is connected only by wifi.

Unfortunately multicast doesn’t work from within a container when connected by wifi.

Greg Shay (Telos Alliance) gave a presentation on multicast problems with Docker containers. The presentation had a suggestion to try the multicast app inside a VM.
“Some suggest wrapping a VM around each docker container, just to achieve the independence of multicast network routing by emulating the full network interface, and make use of the virtual switch in the VM host.”

So I’d like to try running Gerbera inside a VM instead of an lxd container to see if the multicast works. I need the VM to be connected via a routed network so it can have its own IP on the host’s network. Unfortunately the routed network type is not available to use with VMs yet.

Are there plans to make the routed network type available for use with Virtual Machines?

The routed NIC type is not currently available for VMs because we cannot pre-configure a NIC with an IP and pass it into a VM like we can with a container.

If we do ever add it then it would require manual IP configuration (or via cloud-init) inside the VM guest.

I’m not sure that it would help with multicast though, as it doesn’t share a broadcast domain with the external network (by design).