RPM package of LXD

Dear Stéphane Graber!

Could you please help to solve a task? My leadership, interested in a technology of LXC and LXD, asked me to complie an RPM package. There were no issues during the compile process of a LXC package.
While during the compiling of a LXD package I getting multiple errors of libraries.

If there any ready-to-install LXD RPM package of version >4.0? Or could you please sent me a SPEC file?

We are using Red Hat Linux OS version 8 in our systems and there is no way to install LXD and LXC except an RPM. Snap is also forbidden to use.

LXD available from Snapcraft and some distros provide it as package but latest release will be in Snapcraft
You can download it as .snap by

snap download lxd

Then install it using dangerous flag

snap install lxd_XXX.snap --dangerous


Well you could take a look at these:

  1. https://github.com/lxc/lxd#installing-lxd-from-source
    This includes the packages in Ubuntu, you need to find the correponding packages in your distro.

  2. The snap-package can also tell you some dependencies etc.:

  3. Requirements in documentation:

See https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/ganto/lxc3/ for existing work to get LXC and LXD packaged as RPM files.

Discussion by @ganto at LXD >=3.19 on CentOS 7 (via COPR)

In your case, I think you would be more focused in releasing and maintaining an LXD RPM package.

Oh, thanks a lot!
Looks lie a truth.