Run Linux container instances in Android device

I have managed to create and send tasks to a LXC container on a Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS distribution.

My goal is to use this environment as the root server and to create LXC containers on mobile phone devices (i.e. Android devices) connected to the same local network as the root server, so I can manage and send tasks to these containers using the IP addresses of these devices.

How can I do it? Is there some way to launch a container using LXD and the IP address of the device where this container should be launched?

Thank you!

I am checking So is there a way to build an Android app that can make the device join to the cluster of the root node?

A quick google search reveals:

Why do you want to run lxc on a mobile device? Can you use a raspberry pi instead?

Thank you! I will check the link.

I want to run lxc on a Smartphone because I want to develop an Android app to allow users to join an LXC cluster and receive distributed tasks.

Nice idea, I guess you want to do something like fog-computing?

Exactly! The problem I am facing right now is to root mobile phone devices in a transparent, semi-automatic way, so that I can execute bash commands & LXC instances on the devices. I guess this will be the trickiest part. I am not sure if there is any uniform way, rather than implementing specific rooting processes for different mobile phone devices manufacturers.