Run rclone mount inside lxc and shared folder

Hi all, i’m new for here.
Trying to mount rclone inside lxc container y expose shared folder to host for other containers have access to rclone mount folder.
shift=true --> don’t work
lxc config set rclone raw.idmap ‘both 1000 1000’ --> don’t work

If i mount rclone in host and shared folder with container , it work, but idea is run every service into isolated container, not in host, can someone give me some ideas, please?

Edit: I have running perfectly others containers:
- Samba
- wireguard

Trying to migrate services from docker to lxd
Running ubuntu server 20.04, lxd snap 4.11, containers all running ubuntu 20.04 images

Edit 2:
If i disable rclone mount folder is watchable in host, if i mount rclone inside folder into folder shared, i can see folder shared, read and write but neither rclone mount show in host

same thing for me ! proxmox

I believe that people on proxmox use rclone in host