Running Incus in docker/podman

I started a small project to run incus in docker. I had hoped to base it on alpine, but because alpine’s builds of incus have some trouble and are still in testing, I’ve decided to base on debian and use zabbly’s repository.

The built image is quite large, at just over 1GB, but everything works quite well with VMs and containers, web ui, and management using the incus binary. Actually, one would not notice it’s in a container. When things are more stable with alpine, I believe the size can be reduced significantly by moving to alpine instead of debian.

Anyone interested, feel free to take a look and give it a try. I think it’s a great match for MicroOS, CoreOS, and any other such package-based, immutable/atomic environment, as well as on any distro which doesn’t have an incus package available.

Of course, if anyone has some tips, advice, criticism about it, let me know.

EDIT: Size is reduced to around 600MB, and added an environment variable to fix iptables issues when using docker. See github for more info.

I’ve notified the Alpine Incus packager of the other thread, so hopefully the Alpine packages will get fixed soon.

Great! I actually also opened an issue on Alpine as soon as I found the reason.
Apart from the not statically linked binary, the Alpine version works quite well actually, so it will be nice to have it fixed and to be able to see how small of an image I can make it.