Rust binding for LXC

I found using unix sockets useful to write our own scripts or incorporate VM/container functionality into our products. Currently using curl --unix-socket and lxc query but having Rust library/crate would help a lot!
I tried but seems like popular network libraries doesn’t support unix sockets, I tried reqwest and ureq.
Is there plan to create Rust binding?

as far as I know we don’t have a plan to write Rust binding for liblxc. But if you start this work I’m ready to help you with advises. It shouldn’t be a hard task. You can take go-lxc as a reference example.

Upd: just to clarify, are you talking about LXC bindings or LXD bindings? Because if you want LXD bindings I don’t thing that you need to have any binding library because LXD provides REST API.

I think they are talking about a LXD API client (like rather than a binding for liblxc.

But as far as I know we have no plans to provide a rust API client.