Safe way to delete backups / exports

I had to ctrl-c a lxc export container-name command because I didn’t du my host disk before starting it, and it was gonna fill it entirely. Now I wonder if there are some remaining files from this operating that should be removed manually.

What is the safe way to do this?

I am not very sure that rm /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/backups/container-name/backup0 would be the way to go but maybe it would be fine. No backups had been operated previously, so I guess it is the corresponding file.

I use a snap install on Debian Stretch.

Thanks for any help, I am learning.

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That’s should NOT be necessary. There is a regularly running cleanup job that should get rid of these files in the following hour.
If not, check the
file, you should see regular occurences of a job pruning these files.

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Thanks for your answer @gpatel-fr !

There is indeed mentions to those pruning operations in the logs. Very satisfying to learn that LXD takes care of this by itself .