Salvage rootfs of container that cannot be started

Hi I was experimenting in converting an lxc container to lxd. I was progressing. Then I make mistake while modifying the config file. I deleted the

security.privileged: “true”

Now the container does not start, even after reversing the statement.

When I start the container I get the following error:

Name: arch
Location: none
Remote: unix://
Architecture: x86_64
Created: 2020/04/27 17:16 UTC
Status: Stopped
Type: container
Profiles: default, host-devs, input-devs
snap0 (taken at 2020/04/30 01:51 UTC) (stateless)


lxc arch 20200430013957.738 ERROR cgfsng - cgroups/cgfsng.c:mkdir_eexist_on_last:1143 - File exists - Failed to create directory “/sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset//lxc.monitor.arch”
lxc arch 20200430013957.748 ERROR cgfsng - cgroups/cgfsng.c:mkdir_eexist_on_last:1143 - File exists - Failed to create directory “/sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset//lxc.payload.arch”
lxc arch 20200430013957.786 WARN cgfsng - cgroups/cgfsng.c:fchowmodat:1455 - No such file or directory - Failed to fchownat(17,, 1000000000, 0, AT_EMPTY_PATH | AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW )
lxc arch 20200430013957.425 ERROR conf - conf.c:lxc_fill_autodev:1217 - No such device or address - Failed to bind mount host device node “/dev/tty” onto “/var/snap/lxd/common/lxc//dev/tty”
lxc arch 20200430013957.425 ERROR conf - conf.c:lxc_setup:3373 - Failed to populate “/dev”
lxc arch 20200430013957.425 ERROR start - start.c:do_start:1231 - Failed to setup container “arch”
lxc arch 20200430013957.425 ERROR sync - sync.c:__sync_wait:41 - An error occurred in another process (expected sequence number 5)
lxc arch 20200430013957.428 WARN network - network.c:lxc_delete_network_priv:3213 - Failed to rename interface with index 0 from “eth0” to its initial name “vethffeb93a6”
lxc arch 20200430013957.428 ERROR lxccontainer - lxccontainer.c:wait_on_daemonized_start:852 - Received container state “ABORTING” instead of “RUNNING”
lxc arch 20200430013957.428 ERROR start - start.c:__lxc_start:1952 - Failed to spawn container “arch”
lxc arch 20200430013957.428 WARN start - start.c:lxc_abort:1025 - No such process - Failed to send SIGKILL via pidfd 30 for process 2055104
lxc 20200430013957.606 WARN commands - commands.c:lxc_cmd_rsp_recv:122 - Connection reset by peer - Failed to receive response for command “get_state”

I do not mind dumping this container. I would like to access its rootfs directory so that I can copy the changes that I made.

Any Ideas how to do it. (No I did not make a snapshot of it)
I am on ubuntu 20.04
does zsys make snapshots for lxd?
I found a bunch of snapshots like:

rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_mj0kfs/var/snap_autozsys_yjgrj5@autozsys_vwn76h Tue Apr 28 6:26 2020 0B
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_mj0kfs/var/snap_autozsys_yjgrj5@autozsys_n5ndol Wed Apr 29 6:20 2020 0B
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_mj0kfs/var/snap_autozsys_yjgrj5@autozsys_5fb9xg Wed Apr 29 14:39 2020 0B

Can I use those to restore the container.


Can you show ls -lh /dev on your system?

The error suggests that /dev/tty is missing.

I ended up deleting items from the config file. Now I can start the container and access rootfs.

So I cannot access the container rootfs unless it is running and if it fails to run then I lost everything?