Scheduled Snapshot Post-Actions

With the new scheduled snapshot feature I notice I still have to run a custom cron script to copy/replicate lxd containers to a backup server

I’m currently running a lxc copy --refresh container backup-server:container every so often.

I realized how handy it would be to either enable a native ‘replication’ feature that does this automatically or the ability to run custom scripts after snapshot actions.

I have 3 lxd nodes where two run containers and one functions as a backup.
What i do is create snapshots on running containers and copy the snapshot’s to the backup without renaming.
This way i can spinn up containers on the backup if there is a problem on the running host’s.

To streamline this prosess i made a scrip to run on the backup host that i can run manually or as a cron job that you can modify to your use i think.


ct1=$(lxc list | grep STOPPED | awk '{print $2}')
ct2=$(lxc list lxchost2: | grep RUNNING | awk '{print $2}')
ct3=$(lxc list lxchost3: | grep RUNNING | awk '{print $2}')

# Delete local STOPPED containers
for lxc1 in $(echo "$ct1");
    do lxc delete $lxc1;

# lxchost2 - Delete, create and copy snapshot

for lxc2 in $(echo "$ct2");
    do lxc delete lxchost2:$lxc2/$lxc2 && 
            lxc snapshot lxchost2:$lxc2 $lxc2 &&
            lxc copy lxchost2:$lxc2/$lxc2 $lxc2;

#lxchost3 - Delete, create and copy snapshot

for lxc3 in $(echo "$ct3");
    do lxc delete lxchost3:$lxc3/$lxc3 && 
            lxc snapshot lxchost3:$lxc3 $lxc3 &&
            lxc copy lxchost3:$lxc3/$lxc3 $lxc3;
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