Searched but didn't see this asked yet so - Can LXD and Incus share a Storage Pool?

Thought of this today and figured I’d ask.

  • You have an existing LXD Storage Pool
  • You want to migrate to Incus or likely initially want to use Both LXD and Incus

Can LXD and Incus share a common Storage Pool?


Talking about pool at the LXD/Incus level, no, you can’t.

But if you’re looking at sharing an underlying LVM VG or ZFS zpool, then you can, but those must be external to LXD/Incus and ideally structure in a way that can be shared.

So for example, if you had a tank zpool, you could have tank/lxd used by LXD and tank/incus used by Incus, that’d be fine.

Thanks Stephane!