Second NIC inside lxd

I installed u18 in VirtualBox, added 2 network adapters, want to use second network card inside lxd container(s) directly. How to add physical network card into lxd?

First get VB to use exclusively the NIC, then in LXD use a nic device (lxc config device ... nic ...). With this LXD nic device, you get a single container to use exclusively the network card.

Could you please clarify what does it mean-“get VB use exclusively…”?
lxc config device add … nictype=? (ethernet or what?) I cand find full description of all parametres for “lxc config device add” command with full list of all the options.

For the first part see for example

The VB documentation should cover this as well.

For the second part, see

Use nictype=physical.